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Award Winning Block & Estate Management.

All prospective clients are entitled to a free management survey. Simply contact us today.



We appreciate that not all developments want or need full management.


Our budget solution provides an effective solution that lets you continue to self-manage but with the reassurance of a professional managing agent in the background.


Our Service

  • Service charge, rent charge and ground rent collection

  • Credit control and invoice payment

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Organising and serving year-end accounts

  • Company Secretarial Services (optional)




We provide a complete Property Management service for residential and mixed-use developments of all sizes and ages for Residential Management Companies, Right to Manage Companies, Freeholders and Property Developers throughout the Homes Counties and North London. 


Our approach is simple, provide a proactive and engaged service to developments we manage. No matter what your requirements, we can tailor a property management solution to suit you.


Our Service


  • Service charge, rent charge and ground rent collection

  • Credit control and invoice payment

  • Drafting of annual budgets including long term maintenance plans

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Organising and serving year-end accounts

  • Administration of insurances

  • Regular site visits

  • Day-to-day management

  • Routine and planned maintenance management

  • Procurement of communal utilities

  • Organisation of major works and management of the same

  • Liaising with leaseholders, resident associations and management companies

  • Organisation and attendance of meetings

  • Recruiting and managing on-site staff

  • Compliance and risk management

  • Full lease analysis

  • Advising on management policy

  • Leaseholder/Sales packs

  • Company Secretarial Services




We are pleased to offer a bespoke developers service to help you achieve your commercial and marketing objectives whilst protecting your reputation.


The residential property market is a forever changing world, with more complex developments being built and more demands placed upon both developers and managing agents.


We work closely with developers at every stage, and across every type of residential block, including those that incorporate freehold units and mixed-use developments. Our involvement can begin from the outset - well in advance of the planned handover.


Our Service


  • The preparation of budgets

  • Welcome packs to new owners

  • The recruitment of staff

  • The negotiation of maintenance contracts

  • Arranging buildings insurance

  • Management during the defect period

  • Professionalism and high standards


If you are a developer or builder and need a professional managing agent that truly understands your needs then please contact us today and we can meet you at your development and help.


We do not charge management fees on unsold/void units until they are sold, thereby saving you money.



At Aspire, we believe successful management is a strategic partnership built on care and trust. Below are some of the many reasons to choose us. 

  • Passionate about what we do, and how we do it

  • Experienced, personal and friendly team

  • Proactive

  • Regular site visits 

  • Strict response times 

  • Trustworthy

  • Leaseholder portal

  • Regulated by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

  • WhatsApp facility for clients for ultra-convenience

Switching managing agents may seem a daunting and lengthy chore. We have many years’ experience of taking over developments from other agents and we know what information to ask for. We will do all the leg work for you ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition. 


Ready to make the move to better property management? Contact us here or email us.

  • What is a lease?
    A lease is a contractual, legally binding contract where one party conveys property to another for a specified time in return for a payment which describes the ownership, sets out the rights and obligations of the parties.
  • What is a service charge and why do I have to pay it?
    Your service charge is to enable the residents management company or freeholder to provide all of the services set out in the lease. Details of what can be charged and the proportion of the charge to be paid by the individual leaseholder will be set out in the lease. Most modern leases allow for the collection of service charges in advance, repaying and surplus or collecting any shortfall at the end of the year.
  • What is ground rent and why do I have to pay it?
    Ground rent is completely separate from the service charge. This is an annual rent payable to the freeholder of the development which is specified in the lease.
  • What happens if I am struggling to pay my service charge?
    If you are having difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances its crucial you let us know as soon as possible so that we can work with you to get things back on track.
  • How do I know that service charge monies for my development are safe?
    All service charge monies are held in trust in accordance with Section 42 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987. Each development we manage has it own seperate bank account and you pay your service charges directly into this account. The service charge you pay is only used for things in connection with your development which your lease allows for.
  • What is a reserve fund?
    Reserve funds are money collected towards large expensive future works such as redecorations and roof replacements etc. This money is held in trust, on behalf of the development, to ensure money is available when the works are required.
  • What should I do if there is a leak into my flat from the flat above?
    Water leaks in blocks of flats are a common problem. In most residential leases the landlord is responsible for maintaining pipes used in common by leaseholders. The repairing obligation of pipework inside of the flat or extended pipes that exclusively serve the flat are the responsability of the leaseholder.
  • Someone keeps parking in my allocated parking bay, what should I do?"
    Lack of parking and the use of other people’s allocated spaces is an all too common issue. If you are unsure as to the terms of your lease as to the conditions set out for the parking of vehicles, please contact us and we will be happy to advise. If your flat comes with a dedicated parking space then you are completely within your rights to politely ask your neighbours not to use the space. If you are not aware of who is parking within your space then we would recommend leaving a polite note on the windscreen.
  • What can I do if my neighbours are causing a nuisance?
    Most of the time the best way to approach the problem is to have a friendly word and ensure they’re aware of the issue as more often than not people are not aware they're causing a nuisance. Before you approach them, it's important to consider whether there's a risk to your safety. As your managing agent, we will do our best to assist you if you report anti-social behaviour from a neighbour. As we are responsible for looking after the common areas of your estate and cannot control an individual’s behaviour, there is a limit to the powers we do have. In the event of persistent complaints we recommend you consult your Local Council who have wide ranging powers to deal with nuisances or Which-Consumer Rights Advice
  • What is the difference between a Management Company and Managing Agent?
    The freeholder owns the building. Many buildings also have a residents management company. They are a party to the lease and have a legal obligation to the leaseholders to provide certain services. The residents management company is made up of leaseholders. A managing agent is a person or company appointed by the freeholder or residents management company to administer the day to day running of the development.
  • I have a complaint, what can I do?"
    Firstly we do our best to avoid a situation where a complaint might need to be submitted, however if you feel you need to, please contact us in writing with your initial concerns and allow us a period of time to acknowledge and resolve the complaint for you. If we are unable to resolve your complaint in-house, you can contact the TBC.
  • What does the term demises premises mean?
    "What is yours". The parts of the building you have bought and are responsible for such as the internal shell of your flat or maisonette along with any gardens or out-buildings.
  • Do you charge a commission for arranging contractors?
    No, we believe that it is not ethical and transparent to receive commissions from contractors that are appointed on behalf of our clients. Our mission is to help you achieve the best value possible for your development.
  • How do I change my address or contact details that you hold?
    All address changes are required to be sent to us in writing/by email. Unfortunately, we cannot accept changes to addresses, or any other personal details, over the telephone.
  • What should I do if water is leaking into my flat?
    Water leaks in blocks of flats are a common problem. In most residential leases the residents management company or freeholder is responsible for maintaining pipework shared by leaseholders only. The repairing obligation of pipework exclusively serving a flat is that of the leaseholder. If you have a neighbour upstairs, the first thing to do is to see if you can contact them by knocking on the door. Early intervention will minimise the damage. If your neighbour is not home, or there is no apartment above you, report water ingress to your managing agent as soon as possible. If the leak comes from a common part of the building such as the roof will arrange a contractor to repair the area. We would also suggest familiarising yourself with the location of any stop valves in the communal areas and how these can be accessed should the water to a flat need to be turned off in the event of a water leak.


If you cannot find the answer you are looking for then please get in touch.

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